Every Leader for Themself

We always hear about what happens when there is bad leadership in an organization that creates an “us vs. them” attitude between the leaders and the followers. What should also be touched on, however, is what happens when there are many leaders within an organization, who all answer to one “supreme” leader (the boss or president). If all of the leaders that answer to the President/Boss respect that person and listen to their decisions, then there is no conflict. However, if each leader does not respect the President, there become many problems. Let’s look at what problems arise when an organizations own leaders do not respect the person at the top.

When there is no respect for what the President is saying, then every decision that the President is trying to implement becomes open for debate for everyone to put in their two-sense even when the matter is already finalized by the President or Boss. This occurs because the leaders that do not respect their own leader do not trust that that leader has made a thoughtful decision, and thus, every leader should also thrust their opinion on the President. For leadership to be successful, every leader within an organization does not have to agree on everything, but they have to respect the decisions that are made by top management. By accepting the decision the supreme leader makes, the leaders create a sense of cohesiveness by all supporting this decision and demonstrating to the followers that this decision is a good one that should be implemented.

Furthermore, when every topic that the President brings up is all of a sudden open to debate and every leader below the President forms their own opinion about the matter, then the leaders below the President do  not have the President’s back when the followers ask questions about this new idea or demand. The leaders just tell the followers what their personal opinion is about the matter, but do not share a cohesive opinion that draws the organization together. If an organization’s own leaders do not back up their President, then the whole organization is based of a foundation of questioning motives and distrust. As people know this fact concerning their personal lives, if there is no trust in a relationship, it probably will not last a long time. Therefore, if there is no trust in the President/Boss due to a lack of trust from the organization’s leaders, then the organization will run into many internal problems during its lifetime.

In conclusion, the very unfortunate situation of an organization’s leaders not trusting the supreme leader of their organization results in some very unfavorable outcomes. Every decision the President makes is considered to be open for debate because of the fact that the leaders do not trust that the President made a sound decision. With this lack of a cohesive opinion, the organization will be based on distrust and cannot be successful in the long run. Therefore, it is just as important for the followers themselves to respect leadership as it is for the leaders themselves to respect leadership.

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Chain of Command

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